Writing Across the Curriculum

I served as a Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) fellow for three years at the New York City College of Technology (NYCCT), serving as Senior WAC Fellow for the final two years of my appointment. Working with faculty in both one-on-one partnerships and in workshop settings, I helped strategize and implement best practices and assignment design to integrate writing into curricula. At NYCCT, I worked mainly with professors from outside the humanities, including professors in mathematics and chemical engineering departments, to revise student assignments to incorporate writing. Strategies included scaffolding, designing rubrics, informal/exploratory writing, and notetaking.

I also helped design and then led faculty workshops on topics. Below are a sampling of topics, with links to PowerPoints:

As part of the WAC Fellowship program, I received annual training in WAC best practices and participated in regular professional development workshops with other WAC fellows and program directors.

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