Instructional Technology

In addition to classroom teaching, I have worked as an Instructional Technology Fellow at Macaulay Honors College for the past three years, helping faculty integrate digital pedagogy and assignments into their curricula while assisting students with digital humanities projects. I have been paired with faculty in Macaulay’s interdisciplinary core courses to design, build, and maintain websites throughout the semester on Macaulay’s ePortfolios WordPress learning management system, and to help create innovative assignments that utilize this technology. Additionally, I work with Macaulay students to guide them in technology best practices and assist them with using digital tools to enhance their learning and presentation of knowledge.

I have used this model in designing my own course websites, including this site for a 50-person music appreciation course. As an example of assignments using this platform, students create a blog post responding to questions about Beethoven and deafness that challenge them to question traditional “triumph” narratives surrounding disability.

Examples of some Macaulay assignments I have helped design and facilitate using the ePortfolios platform include:

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