For your concert preview, which is due before your concert takes place, you need to submit a short preview of the pieces that you’ll be seeing. One component of this assignment is that you need to do some light research on the composer(s) and piece(s) you’ll be seeing. Below you’ll find some instructions on this.


Finding books in the Rutgers library is an important research skill. Start at the library’s homepage,

Under the “Books and Media” tab, you can do a search right there by Keyword or Subject. You can also click “More Options” to get more refined search tools.

Keyword searches will look for your search term anywhere in the record. This can be the author, the title, the subject, or if there is a description or table of contents listed in the catalogue. Subject searches are more specific and will look for just the books subject categories. This can be helpful when you want to specifically look for a particular composer.

If we are looking for books on Shostakovich, we might start by doing a subject search.

Once you have your results, you can start to filter. Start by selecting only books. If you only want books that are at the Newark library, filter by location and choose “Dana.”

Otherwise, you can request that a book from another Rutgers library be sent to pick up at Dana by selecting “Book Delivery” and following the instructions. Note that it will take a day or two to get here.

It’s also important to note the year the book was published. You may even want to filter by date. Generally, you’ll want to avoid books written before 1960 because there is almost certainly something that’s been written more recently with updated scholarship.

Once you have the books you want, note the call number and go retrieve them from the shelf. If you’re unsure how call numbers work or where something is, just ask a librarian.

Another good research option is to browse by subject. To do this, click “More Options” on the “Books & Media” tab on the library homepage, which will bring you to a new search page with the option to browse.

Here, you can browse by subject, and then get a list of results which will take you to individual books and records. You can then filter in the same way as above.

Grove Music Online

A good online resource that can supplement your book search and that is much more reliable than wikipedia is Grove Music Online. This is a music dictionary that is written by scholars and is fully searchable, and it’s accessible only through the library. This is the only acceptable online source you should use for this assignment. To access, go to the library homepage and then click “View all databases.”

From here, select “Grove Music Online” alphabetically under “G.” 

If you’re off campus, you’ll have to enter your NetID. Once logged in, you can search for your composer. Be sure to limit your search to Grove Music only.

Once you have the article, you can read about the composer’s life and also click on the “works” tab on the left to see more about the works.

As always, please feel free to ask questions. Be sure that your concert preview is uploaded before your concert.

Your concert preview should cite the sources you use with parenthetical citations. For books, use the following format:

Author Last, First names. Book Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Year.


Norris, Christopher. Shostakovich: The Man and His Music. Boston: M. Boyars, 1982.

And you would cite the work like this (Norris 1982, pg. #).

For articles on Grove, click on the “cite” button in the upper right corner.