Hi class, I’m giving back your Thought Question 1 papers Tuesday and I thought you might like to read these op-ed articles written by a professor at the University of Richmond, Erik Nielson, who is often called to testify as an expert witness in legal cases where rap lyrics are used as part of a legal argument to secure a conviction. I thought that many of you had interesting things to say about the issue and this might illuminate some real-world ramifications of this complex issue.

NY Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2k1Tvv1

Washington Posthttps://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/prosecutors-would-rather-read-rap-as-a-threat-than-as-art/2014/12/05/80e77fc8-7b3e-11e4-b821-503cc7efed9e_story.html