Below are some of the resources for finding a concert to attend. The most important part of this is to plan ahead! There are literally hundreds of free concerts throughout New York City and New Jersey, but you need to put in a little bit of work to find them. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll end up spending too much money on a big concert event.

N.B.: Many institutions have student discounts that allow you to see concerts for under $20. You might even end up sitting in what would otherwise be a very expensive seat! However, some of them require that you register ahead of time (e.g. the Met Opera).

The concert must be music from the art music (classical) tradition

If you are unsure of whether your concert qualifies, please email me and ask! Generally, if the works being performed are genres from the second half of our book (opera, oratorio, sonata, symphony, concerto, art song, etc.) or are by composers from the European tradition, then they qualify. There are also plenty of contemporary composers who might use non-traditional instruments or genres; these are fine too as long as they are part of the art music tradition (again, if you have questions, ask).

The following are not acceptable concerts: musicals (Broadway-style), jazz, “world music,” any kind of popular music (rock, hip hop, country, folk, etc.).

The music must be performed live

No operas or dance performances with recorded music are allowed.

Institutions (check their websites to see about student pricing — you should not pay full price!)

New York Philharmonic

Metropolitan Opera – student tickets require advance registration

Carnegie Hall

NJ Symphony Orchestra

Baroque Orchestra of NJ

Lincoln Center Great Performers

92nd St. Y


Kaufman Music Center (near Lincoln Center)

Schools – many area schools offer classical recitals by students which tend to be FREE. Check in advance.


Montclair State

Rutgers-New Brunswick

Drew University

Kean University

CUNY Graduate Center


Manhattan School of Music

Also, feel free to check the classical music listings of websites such as The New Yorker, New York Times, NJ Star-Ledger, New York Magazine. Or just google and see what you can find!