DUE before class, Thursday October 12.

As we will discuss in class on Thursday, music videos began as a simple combination of video and music, often with the band simply performing their music “live” with possibly some rudimentary graphics or images. But soon artists realized the potential of video as its own unique media that could communicate artistically in ways that music alone could not. Michael Jackson was one of the most innovative music video creators in the early 1980s. His 1982 album Thriller, and especially its title track, revolutionized the genre of music video by turning it into a mini-movie. Watch, for example, how Jackson’s music video style evolved from his earliest hits such as “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” (1979) from his first solo album Off The Wall, to “Thriller” only  three years later.

Choose a music video by any popular artist and analyze how the artist uses their video to say something about themselves as an artist, about their music, or about their identity. You can choose a recent/current video or an older video, but it must be from the MTV era (1981 or after). The video does not have to have been released on MTV, however.

In your post, you can comment about anything you want, but you should be trying to make connections between the video and either the artist or their music. Some ideas might include:

  • how does the artist construct an identity using video?
  • are there parallels between the song’s form and the video?
  • why did the artist make this particular artistic choice in the video?
  • is the artist trying to make a point or prove a point?
  • is the artist making some kind of social/political statement?

Don’t feel limited by these ideas! You can write about whatever you want, provided that you show that you have thought about the matter beyond just simply describing what happens in the video. You should be making some kind of connection between the music/artist and the video.

To submit:

  • Create a New Post following the same guidelines as for the first blog post.
  • Be sure to choose the category “Blog Entry 2”
  • Paste the YouTube directly link into the post. Do this by clicking the “Share” button beneath the YouTube video and pasting the link right into the post, as I did above with the Michael Jackson videos. If it doesn’t appear, email me and I’ll help you out.
  • Make sure you’ve selected the “Blog Entry 2” category, and then hit “Publish.”
  • This assignment is due by 10am on Thursday October 12