The concert I will be attending is Hough Plays Rachmaninoff at NJPAC.  I look forward to seeing Stephen Hough who is pianist  and also a writer and composer. I expect that this will be a great performance.  According to Davis, “Rachmaninoff is best remembered as the composer who was the last great figure in the Romantic tradition and the leading pianist of his era.” His music is noted for its melancholy and long melodic line.”I expect to hear romantic piece but I also feel like I will hear more bold and fast pieces. I also think the music may be similar to Beethoven.

After listening to Rachmaninoff piece Theme of Paganini I was amazed. I defiantly liked how the violins start off playing the theme and how the piano has the first variations but it’s a little differrent. It was very bold and fast. As I continued to listen, I noticed how the piece continuously went from fast to slow. It also seemed like the piece volume transformed from very loud to really low.  According to David, “This piece was an immediate success and is technically his finest work. The rhapsody was written in a loose concerto form of three movements, or twenty-four variations: fast (1-10), slow (11-18), fast (19-24).” I was kind of expecting this piece to sound romantic but  didn’t and I liked it.  After listening to this piece it made more excited and anxious to see the concert.  I’m really not a fan of classical music but if the pieces will sound like Themes of Paganini or Beethoven’s fifth sympathy then I’m all for it.

“Sergei Rachmaninoff”. By: Davis, Donald E., Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia, 2013