the concert that I will be attending is on December 3 at 3 PM. The concert will be held at NJPAC. This concert will be performed by Stephen Hough the pianist and the NJ Symphony Orchestra. The pieces that will be performed are Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise and Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini; plus there will be also be Sergey Prokofiev’s Symphony No 6. The conductor of this performance is Xian Zhang.

Rachmaninoff and Sergey Prokofiev both came from a different background and had totally different lives, this will affect me on how I approach towards listening to the pieces that will be performed.  Rachmaninoff was born in a poor family during the romanticism period, and he had to move a lot when he was a kid which led to his unstabilized growing which caused him lot of emotional pain. His pieces are usually not “expressive” and therefore reflects on his childhood which was not so good. Rachmaninoff was influenced by the famous Russian musician Tchaikovsky and from that he built pride for his country through nationalistic pieces. When I will listen the piece, I will pay close attention to the concept of “nationalistic” through expressive and bright musical characteristics.

On the other side, Sergey Prokofiev had a more comfortable and a more suitable life. Sergey Prokofiev was raised in a wealthy family and he was able to focus on his musical work, which lead to him becoming a successful composer. In these pieces performed by Stephen Hough and the NJ Symphony Orchestra , I will also pay close attention to personal reflections of Rachmaninoff and Sergey Prokofiev. Two distinct composers(Sergey Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff) will both provide distinct musical characteristics which is going to add excitement to the concert and will make it memorable.

In Rachmaninoff’s pieces(Rhapsody) there is a theme and variations(Theme of Paganini). According to Sergey Prokofiev’s symphony no 6, there is only 3 movements which does not follow the regular 4 movements at the time. It is going to be kind of difficult to recognize all of these specific musical characteristics because these works are complex. The vocal piece will be accompanied with a combination of instruments, which is going to be interesting to hear. It is definitely going to be an interesting concert with many combinations and variations and will hopefully be emotionally appealing


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